Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Moving! I still can't believe it... This year has possibly been the most life changing year of my life and for a thousand different reasons, some BIG and some small but for the most part I've felt the need to be patient and wait! I've been trying so hard to move forward with my life, move toward some worthy goal and I kept feeling that I need to just wait.  So I did, I took a job in Logan for the summer instead of one out of town and after three months I decided to quit and take some time for myself.  The week I thought I was taking turned into a month, which for me was incredibly liberating.  I haven't taken a month off of work since I was sixteen, except for the eighteen months that I chose to do a different type of work (It was a lot more enjoyable)! And now after eight months of waiting ha and learning patience it is finally time to start moving.

I won't lie it is with some reluctance.  I finally accepted that maybe all these silly plans I had for myself weren't really what I was suppose to be doing and that I needed to accept my unchanging life. But ya know what? It feels right.  It feels like it is time I make some changes for myself.  I hope that I'm being put in a place that I can learn better how to help others and give of myself.  Can I just say? That is when I'm most happy, when I'm doing something for others, oh and when I'm shopping.. Ha! But I love serving others in any capacity. So on ward and upward.

I guess you will all want to know how exactly I am moving in my life.... Well I was just offered a job in Salt Lake working as a Child Development Specialist.  It is probably the coolest job in the world. I basically go into a lot of different homes to work with families that have a child 0-3 with some type of developmental delay.  I don't know if I could pick a better job for me, I get to work with families and babies!! I can't even wait to start! (clearly I learned how to wait...)  I know there will be a lot of learning going on, especially because I feel so young ha and have never had a family of my own.  But I'm so EXCITED!! And to actually have a job in my degree (Yeah family studies and human development doesn't usually turn out that well).

I will hopefully be keeping up my blog more! It is definitely a goal of mine :) I have some pretty funny things that I've decided that need to be shared with the world.

Here are some pictures from my most lovely summer:

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  1. Girl this makes me so happy! Good Luck! You'll do amazing! Loves!