Monday, April 1, 2013

Dating Advice

Yep I'm writing about dating... I probably could have a whole blog about the awkward, hilarious moments in the life of a girl that is trying to find love. But I guess I want to keep some of my life personal...  A few weeks ago I was participating in a dating class as a kind of demonstration for one of the classes for my degree. I've never once thought about taking a dating class.  Not that I wouldn't take one, it is just that it has never occurred to me that there is such a class.  Most people I know just date and get married with no education needed.  I guess for those of us, who dating doesn't come so easy to, they have dating classes. HA! This one is taught in the community for anyone to take, but particularly for those in the dating years.  I am only taking a portion of the class but I would recommend it if you are wanting some advice on how not to date a jerk, that is actually the title of the class "How to avoid Dating a Jerk or Jerk-ette."  There is more info about the class here. ANYWHO!! I wanted to share some of my new found knowledge to all of yall that are looking for a little help in this stage of your life.
The best dating advice that I heard was to first figure out who you are! The best time to seek out a committed relationship is when you feel that you don't need one, when you aren't seeking someone to fill any unmet needs.  The truth is we aren't meant to be alone and we all have that innate need to be loved. We all come with pasts and weaknesses. But it is harder to foster a healthy relationship when needs that should be met aren't and then we seek them from someone else. We need to first love ourselves before we can love another, especially that deep love that all of us look for. If we can cope with life challenges on our own how great will it be when we can share them with someone else.  My challenge then to you, is to find ways to love yourself today.  Whether that be cooking yourself a lovely dinner, renting a movie you've been dying to see, a little retail therapy, reading a book, taking a walk in the park

, or just taking ten minutes to stop and think about the great things you've done today!

What is some good dating advice that you've received?!

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