Thursday, August 29, 2013

List of Happiness

Who doesn't need a little more happiness in their life right?! I decided to make a list of the little things that make my day better!! 

  1. Make your bed (seethisgirlrun, swears by it
  2. Exercise
  3. Shower (seriously this will make your day better!)
  4. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are worth it and pretty good looking!
  5. Say Hello to an old friend
  6. Write your feelings down (journal, blog, etc.) 
  7. Give a compliment
  8. Greet those you pass on your walk to class or work
  9. Look for the beauty around you (Rain or Shine there is something beautiful)
  10. Count your blessings
  11. Say a Prayer (Remember Whose you are!) 
  12. Eat a healthy meal
  13. Unplug and take a power nap (even twenty minutes makes such a difference)
  14. Avoid junk food and soda (honestly choosing fruit over a candy bar will make you feel much better)
  15. Take time for a hobby (knitting, reading, biking, painting, singing, you get the point...)
  16. Spend time with loved ones and just be with them! 
  17. Look for a way to secretly serve those around you (clean the bathroom, leave a sweet note, wipe the snow of someones car..) 
  18. Make someone laugh.  I love just saying something silly to lighten the mood
  19. Clean up after yourself (I always feel better the next day knowing I'm not waking up to the mess from dinner last night)
  20. Give to yourself (maybe twenty minutes of uninterrupted pinteresting?, a froyo, mani/pedi.  Seriously everyone deserves something!)
What makes your day Happier?! 

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