Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Bachelorette?

So I am completely obsessed with the the Bachelor.  Not because I feel uplifted or enriched after watching it, but I'm a girl and seriously who doesn't love a little romance on the side of overly dramatic girls?! SO every monday night I hush everyone in my house and turn to my two hours of bachelorness!! Since I love the bachelor my brothers have defined me as the bachelorette. 
We get our sunday calls from the married siblings every sunday and there first question to me always is, 'how was this week on the bachelorette?'  They then are stuck listening to my recap on the weeks dating stories always ending with a rose ceremony of who stayed and who left. I guess thats what I get for having five brothers.  They have to turn my life into a reality television show to hear about all the drama.  I was thinking about this the other day just laughing but realizing how true it might be.  Sometimes people come back into my life, even though I didn't give them a rose in an earlier "episode".  Or times when I gave a rose and everyone knew it was wrong and was practically screaming at me not to do it, but I still did, and it was no bueno.  Wow who would have thought I live such an exciting life. Thank heavens for brothers who make life as exciting as possible.

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