Friday, May 11, 2012


Okay so I have totally been MIA for the last couple of months and so much has happened, hence while I've been an awful blogger.  But summer is here and so I'm hoping to write a ton more. I have been feeling overly inspired by this blog a friend showed me, its called, a blog about love.  Check it out. Seriously inspiring. Anyways it has helped me and reaffirmed how great life is and that being happy where your at is totally possible.  Being twenty three is an age where you have so much hope for the future that sometimes I feel myself getting caught up in just that, the future.  When really I should just enjoy now and all the great things that come with it.
I guess you could say I'm refocusing my life on Happiness in the NOW!!! It is really fun.  I'm trying this new thing were I am just stopping through out my day to just be happy.  Today's moment was in the sunshine under a big tree, just sitting.  I'm reading this really great books for one of my classes, the automatic millionaire (UBER GREAT).  Here is the authors website if you want to check it out.  Anyways I just stopped reading, put my book down and couldn't help but think how great my life is.  A great job, wonderful family, an overabundance of incredible people in my life, opportunities to be bold, so many things to learn, deliciously warm weather, and an incredibly loving Father in Heaven. What more could a girl want?!! Maybe time and money... but I'm extremely happy with out those two things!!
Well just a little month at a glance, I'm taking two summer classes, moving into a new apartment (So excited to decorate), working, running, reading, oh and going to Puerto Rico!!! It is busy but oh so fun.  Well I hope to write more soon.

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