Friday, March 1, 2013


Oh goodness.  I've been gone for a bit... A good eight months... Well I'm back! I'm trying to be better at this whole blogging thing not because I'm good at it but because I feel that it is some sort of journal and a healthy way to put my feelings out there.  Also one of my bestest friends, Alyssa, started a new blog and I realized that I haven't posted for ages.

Well all I can say is that life in all its ups and downs is beautiful.  I can't believe how incredible it all is.  I was just driving to school this morning and started giggling, I couldn't help but smile at the beautiful world we live in. The last few months have been trying ones for sure but ya know what? Everything ALWAYS works out. Thankfully we don't even have to go through it alone, I'm so grateful for friends and family that have helped me go through some odd transitions in my life that were very unexpected.  I am most grateful though, for my Father in Heaven.  He has blessed me with extra goodness lately! I was thinking how great the works of our God are! How magnificent is He who created us?! This is why I have been able to feel so happy the past few months even with a broken heart and uncertainty about my life in the next few months.  
So guess what?! I'm 24 yep the big two four! Weird.  I secretly love it and any chance I get I find myself saying, 'yeah well I'm 24...' What a great age to graduate from college and to start on my many adventures.  Having said that though,  my life is full of adventures, NOW!! Such a fun life.  My advice of the day is to look for opportunities to just exclaim how much you love life.  Try it right now.  No matter where you are, whisper it, shout it, sing it; I LOVE LIFE!! I promise you will feel better.  Well anyways I'm back and am committing to be a more faithful writer. 

P.S.  I got a new, beautiful camera for Christmas so hopefully I will be able to share in my learning how to use such a incredible piece of technology.  Look how happy I look!!! 

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