Monday, November 7, 2011

pizza, acrobats, ice cream, and tandem bikes

Sometimes I really do live a whimsical life.  Last night was one of them. A friend called me up, asked how my week was, and some what honestly admitted that I had had a boring week.  So he made some calls and then I was onto a whimsy night.  We had a quick bite of pizza, while chatting about our favorite composers.  Then hurried to this Chinese acrobatic show.  Which was incredible by the way.  I was completely awe struck especially when a young Asian boy balanced himself by one hand on top of seven chairs. Then, almost home, we decided to grab some ice cream.   We discussed our colored personalities and he suggested that we take a ride on a tandem bike.  I didn't know that he had access to one and I told him no it was definitely too cold... Wow where was  my spontaneity?! I guess he convinced me because next thing I knew we were in his bike shop.  Which at that moment I just had to stop and laugh. I was standing in this some what warehouse, full of old bikes, smelling like grease and having tunes of Regina Spektor and Fun running through my mind. How could life get any better. Thankfully they had a monstrous coat for me to wear on this late November, night, tandem bike ride through campus. But I can't even tell you how I felt. I love nights like that... That keep you up replaying everything. Cheers to whimsy nights.

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